Somewhere there is a
happier place...
and we should somehow be happier,
knowing that our special friend has run
ahead to wait for us there

There are literally thousands of pages out here on our world wide net showing tribute to our beloved pets that have left us. Mine is just another one of them. My tribute to my Merle cat; very, very special to me and my family. Merle was with me for 11 years. He developed pneumonia 3 years ago and there was nothing that could be done. He is up there; looking down on us over the Rainbow Bridge. Smiling I am sure!!! I know Merle is just wishing he could be here to pound on the keyboard himself.

I have been on the internet a little over a year and it has taken me this long to be able to start on Merle's site. Even now, as I type, the tears are here. We love you and miss you Merle cat. You are forever in our hearts.

Here's Merle. That is my son Greg holding him; he was a little over a year old there. As you can see, Merle loved Xmas!!!

These pictures were scanned for me by a wonderful lady & fellow cat lover, Launa. Visit her pet memorial website; you can add a memorial for a beloved pet here if you wish.



Meet the kitties in my household now. From left to right: Mai-Ling, Chloe and JR (short for Junior)

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